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if you are going on a space mission
you have to be careful about your stores

and you should behave ... so nobody can have any objection about
so you will not create any suicide bombers > to end your voyage

the same goes for any planet !

 meaning of a human life

is to work out a decent way of life
realize it > live it  > guarantee it for all !

because only then .... you are a human being !

and therefore there is no meaning here on this world !
as there is no human order

because humans want to live decently
can be > must be !

otherwise they will be dissatisfied with themselves
until they can live as humans !

so to achieve this >

the meaning in life of each person
is to make just this happen !

until then ... they feel like losers
indeed they are .... in reality !

only by their conceit procurement 
this is presented as a success 

coming to such perverse ideas
like to enslave others

they condemn to forced labor
working to create > the upturn in delusions

walk around with
trained predators
make their children to .... wolf children !

produce all these artifices > all these arts
because the reality ... their existence being so unbearable!

and they are measured against this delusional insanity
so ... this reality can not improve > may > want to !

otherwise they will be excluded
and may no longer be helping  >>>
squander their planetary resources
flip their climate > contaminate their environment !

meaning ... the final victory over every intelligent life !

reminded that they may not represent any homo sapiens way of life ...
that they have failed .... all of them !

which consequently will lose not only their best potentials
will lose their whole world !

before the universe is blinking with the eye .....

only if these masses of insanity would understand
that they should go to improve the reality
not their insanity 

would a continued existence on this world be secured !

a theory of slavery 

a free society …. can never work … long

as any one with any inteligence can plainly see !
any time he will be looking at this world !

because ……

if any idiot > can be any idiot > any idiocracy
then the population can only fail > soon after !

if the darwinian selection are in place
if any dodo can be bragging about
what kind of nuisance he can be !
at the future > at any humans demise

the end can be predicted > as any one can see clearly
and … any idiot will know > there will be > freak outs
and no one can stop them

since the whole thing is an afront to any humanity !
to any higher intelligence …

so ......
galactic design ....... should be for humans ......

not for frustrating them .... untill they are fighting back !

the right nurishment .... and enough rest is the key to a heathy population !

and only a heathy human ... will have a heathy mind .....

having the capacity to design a future for all eternity !

 climate ...

some say > there is no bad weather >
only bad clothing ....

as well we need > at - 20 ° C  an over house !

so lots of insulation under the roof > 20cm ... 8"
then on the south side a piece of flat roof
then a steep solar window the whole length of the house
to catch the most solar radiation in winter ....

and down to the ground > 4m ... 12' around the inner house from the base building
an over house!

where a in between climate prevails > therefore never below 5 ° C
and not more than 30 ° C

then the house itself > always around 15 ° C
in the bathroom through the bio gas boiler 25 ° C

in such an over house any thing can grow
and the human can work > always !

safe from any wind or rain

meaning bicycle repairs > the construction of boats etc
with out any heating ... cooling

as well ... because of the etfe window
there are always enough UVB rays for vitamins D !

in my example here > I then have
from the sun in january at 100m ² solar window
50kw heating power

and geo thermal > constantly about 10kw + > from the 200m ² ground
and the geo ventilation 2x > 1x in the over house
+ 1x in the home itself ..... yet many more kw !

then subsequently we can here .... live .....

to save this world from the world war 3 > we need to save the climate

from having a new great flood coming up 300'... 100 meters

so we dont need any >> cows on the range ..... they just make people sick long term !

and produce a lot of methane ..... no sheep or any animals it all ....

hunting will provide enough meat for all ..... actually not needed it all .....

and if we use geo thermal technology for heating and cooling

we can save all this energy ....

if you isolate an area of the planet .......

you will have all the radiation coming 

from the nuclear power station earth up to you ..... 

with out the dissipation from the maybe cold day ..... 

in your moderate climate ......

and if you measure the temperature of the ground 

on a hot day in your moderate climate 

you will ... depending on the evaporation rate of the water in this >

and the vegetation cover over it > 

be finding the ground a lot cooler > as the air !

you can use these phenomena 

to have a permanent air ventilation

around 50 ° f
air ..... summer or winter ...... in your building
with out the high
power  consumption of a regular .... air conditioning  ......
or heating up all the way from winter temperatures !

so .... you can build a set up like this ..... above !

with a small cpu fan
permanently operated with capacitive down regulated old transformer
hp printer power supply eg

which not even will
turn the meter without any thing else !

if you want to improve on this .......
then you take the air in a ....... well and a copper pipe
up to 4' below ground water > because of the heat conductivity

now .... most ground water supplies .... vary in their level .... so 
this below will adjust to this

and .... to improve the effectiveness > we can add a geo pre heater
cooler ... before going into the well itself ....

if your ground water level is 30' or more below .....

you can fashion this setup above >
where as ... the heat exchanger is burried in the damp sand
transfering the energy from the ground water to the air for ventilating your building !

if you are needing water as well >
you can add this at the same time or seperately ....

you will need a provision > to prime the pump > before taking up operation !

and if we realize .....

traveling can be an addiction > like from heroin .....

like from fast food ..... like from alcohol .... like from driving a car .... sugar !

then we can live just great on hydro electric power alone .... including electric rail ways

until you can realize alternative means ..... but no wind power stations !

except where there is no alternative ... since it will destroy the environment there !


--------- proa - the outrigger sail boat - today - - fritz roth - - proadesign --

I developed this
outrigger sail boat
over the last 2 decades

after I had a tri & a cat -
then a traditional proa
with a outrigger float on it

a 23` & a 31`have proven themselves now
for over 4 winters sailing the strait of gibraltar & such in bft 10 -
sailing off a beach with breaking waves so high as the boat is wide -
then surfing back in & landing on the beach again -
anchoring with 1/4" nylon rode & a 5lbs anchor in a white squall -
beating out off marina bay towards the west -
when the whole bay of gibraltar was white -
I have been so convinced of it now - that I have started a 88`already -









have a boat as long as possible for comfort underway & anchoring -

because one can anchor almost anywhere there is no need to go into a marina -

meaning there is no need to have an engine -

having total control under sails alone

you can turn on the spot - go both ways - standby & check things anytime

having good cruising speeds with as little as possible of an sailarea - 1000sf / 88` - 

no need to reef or change sails up to 8 bft - beating - 10 running -

to be safe from any breaking freak wave or gust




modern proas can do a lot of things - the polynesians could only dream about - the outriger sailboat of today - 

is non capsizeable - fast to change direction - safe to manoever even in thight spots - can any time go on stand by - 

to look around and see what`s going on - turn on the spot - like with a twin engine power boat - to land on most beaches -
eave again - without turnig the boat - they have - once underway - no leeway it all - and all this - with a boat - 

that weighs only one half of a catamaran - has only 2 small ruders - 360° - on the windward side of the mainhull - 

no turning or moving mast - no dagger - center - steering boards - nothing more to move or control - 

exept the sheets for the sails -



for good performance - hard on the wind - you need not only little resistence through the water - 

but little aerodynamic resistence from the waterlinie on up as well - that is why the crew is seated inside the boat - ( 1 ) 

the bridgedeck is aero dynamically shaped - ( 8 ) and up to about 30` loa ( 13`wide ) because it is lighter then - 

one piece - can be trailered high up -

sailing the proa - standing by - changing directions

you are sitting broadside to the wind in your boat - the sails are lose - you are drifting slowly to leeward - 

you pull on a sheet - the boat moves in that direction - it`s that easy- with the windward sail - ( 3 ) 

you even can turn on the spot - with the main  you go to the right - with the windward sail to the left -

with the roller jibs ( 2 )

these are just sails on a tube on the stay - control line ( 2 ) going from the top of the tube to the other - 

so if you pull one roller open - it closes the other automatically ) you can make the boat fall away from the wind - 

with the main sail you shot up to the wind - make the boat selfsteer -

the main ( 5 ) is on a mast with slides to leeward - ( 4 )
so without having a turning mast - you have a clear flow on the leeward side

steering is by 2 fin rudders - 45° on the side of the main hull - ( 7 ) so you can beached most anywhere - 

without damaging them - or having to pull them up - they are controlled by your feet -

slings in the lines going to the bell crank on the balanced rudders - so they can turn which ever way they want to -

left & right - actually - you do not need them - because the boat can be steered by itself - depending on the sail setting - 

exept in large waves & swells it makes for a nicer - strait sailing - if you have the rudders - bow & stern -

the self leveling 2 stage fin - ( 6 )

sailforces + the windforces on the boat combine to create a center of windforces somewhere 1/3 up the mast - 

if now you have an angled fin to windward - you have a means to counteracting these forces - 

you could put the fin to leeward and lift the outrigger - 

but you would have the same problems as a trimaran - diagonal capsize in waves large enough - 

you would have very unstable boat - like it is very easy to hang up a pendulum - but try to stand it up alone - 

further more - imagine a freak wave - hitting the boat side ways - with the present setup - you have no worry it all - 

( just make sure the structure holds up ) but the other setup is doomed - before the wave even hits - that is why - 

in such conditions - you do not want to let the wind & waves - be on the wrong side - ever -

now - if the outrigger wants to come out of the water - the fin`s lower part pulls it down - 

when the outrigger wants to go down into the water - the upper part of the fin lowers the vector more to the horizontal - 

making the outrigger want to come up - changes in buoyancy of the fin helps in each case - if - as some have told me -

the fin would come out of the water - through wave dynamics - as it never has with this configuration - 

then the center of lateral action moves violently forward - the boat shots up into the wind - 

I have tried this on a model without the lower part of the fin on it -


and here we have the new hinged vector fin proa .............


and here a top view of the hinged vector fin on a flying proa .......

and here the front view from the hinged vector fin proa ......

so we have the means to circle the planet with out one drop of fossils !
fast and comfortably

refuse from nuclear power stations

are a resource .... not a problem

this can be used for many a year to create energy  ... heating

until those elements are coming to be .... none dangerous lead

reservoirs ....

having endless
benefits >

simultaneously bridges over the river!
no floods> downriver !

all year round uniform water flow
meaning at any time the right amount of energy produced

more fish > and with fish ladders
at the same time a method of catching fish !

leisure options
more inland waterways  !

with a pipe from the bottom of the lake
even automatic fertilization > irrigation
of the fields below the lake!

and safety ?
with the right design > their can be no problem !

why do you have no  health system ???
but create work and diseases in masses !

there is the possibility > for >>>
each virus > bacteria in the body to destroy !

with sodium chlorate and vinegar to acidify >
this taken in ever increasing amounts with water >
or through the mucosa  > intravenous > on the skin !

and the only side effect > is the effectiveness !
because all those killed naturally must be disposed
so there prevails a kind of poison symptom briefly >
by all those now dead  pathogens !

depending on strength of the dose > so the effect !

the good intestinal bacteria are not attacked >
the good body cells > so they are not cancer cells !

so ... any cancer will cured > too >
without these side effects of chemo therapy !!!
or radiation !!! ... this butchering ....

malaria etc can practically be cured overnight !
everything will just oxidize any ting
harmful to the body !

the same can be done with hydrogen peroxide !

in an oxygen rich environment  .... no pathogen
no sick cell  can live !

it needs an oxygen starved body and acidic condition .....

the basic body can be had > with soda > with lemon
so the stomach does not get too alkaline !!!

for a body with acidification by wrong food
and stress !!! ... to compensate .....

and now the best >>> the vegetables !
onions > broccoli > tomatoes > beetroot > carrots + their green tops

and the fruit > blackberry > raspberry > apples > cherries
help the immune system > with their sulforaphans and flavoniods
prevent any disease and eliminate > including cancer

by switching the right genes on > so avoid becoming sick !

important > chop everything > and cook only a few minutes
otherwise a lot
will be lost ...

we also need olive oil > raps > peanut
just cold pressed ... not solvents !

and for vitamin b12 supply
each meal some meat > a egg > or a small fish
because the bigger > the more the heavy metals to accumulate
also sour kraut > but only the natural
without being heated ...

then .... oats are the healthiest cereal of them all
you do not even need to cook them >

and rice > but broken up shortly before
then cooked only a few minutes > and millet !

no wheat ... if at all possible > rather rye !
not even  wholemeal ... because our gut can not cope with  ...
because in nature there is no wheat ...

all just cultured from grass seeds !
and grass seeds > as soon as ripe > will fall to the ground
so can not be used mostly !!!


transportation should demand some physical activity or a people will degenerate !

so .... bicycles on land .... sailing at sea !

trucks should only be for short distances ..... freighters & rail ways for long !

most of all > only the insane > are speeding around .... in circles !

only they are out for a hunt or are on flight

homo sapiens are doing travel for their own  pleasure

meaning > to travel as slowly as possible ...

to enjoy the country side .....

  there are millions of old monitors .... filled endlessly with LEDs in it 
while not as efficient as the new generation > but good enough for low lighting needs !

above all ... the other construction parts > power diodes > capacitors and resistors ....
are in
there to be found !

so here .... we have the power in ... then the protective resistance > Rs> of the switch on current limiting >
to a couple of
amps! ... for the diodes not being destroyed ... 50 on 120 v ... 100 ohm on 240 v in ....

the CR balast capacitor>

in the simple rectification ~ 15ma led power .... 240v ~ 50 hz .... a 1/2 uf 400v / 250v ~
at the bridge rectification you will have then as well > 15ma at 120v ~ at 60 hz > ~ 20ma at both 

then the diodes > from the power supply + the 
leds of the monitor setting~ 6x yellow led ~ 12 volt
then the load capacitor> CL > mainly for switching on current limiting > since he will have to be charged first .....
about 10uF 16v > because those may fail > best to
install  2 or if available tantalum!
since such are for decades reliable .....

such a lamp then ... will give enough light for example at a toilet .... or a light for walking through a room !
of course you can as well at any time > use new leds to install!
only then you have to select the CL with a higher voltage ....

the physical realization will work with an old fluorescent "energy saving lamp " for example >
remove the fluorescent element > then the 6x led build  into the opening of this .....
the original circuit being changed > or all new .....

 why this world is going to end ......

because of a conceit procurement addicted population

needing no instructions to a decent livelihood
needing no jesus christ .....

but idiots !

and an unholy Roman empire as occupiers ......

because of a conceit procurement criminal population .... 400 year  ago >
needing no reality to know !

but an
delusion procurement pope !
to foster their
conceit of a holyness .....

an insane imagination procurement population
will not be needing wise leaders !

but only those ...... creating more madness .....

this conceit procurement criminal population today
will not need a manual to a decent world !
a possible existence in 100 years > at all

but a delusional incendi .....
and billions > other procurement criminals !
whose entire goal

the ultimate victory
over all intelligent life !

because only if all ascending homo sapiens 
are immediately destroyed > the criminal procurement
continually > can go on !

and no wisdom > no conversation .....

so we would need to keep ..... all criminal procurement criminals 
from destroying our world ....

destroying every human with their criminal behavior !
facing the reality >

so .... we need a public truth !


should anyone ....

having been reared in this insane mass .... as a toy

the satisfaction of this mass of delusion 

where there is no discussion > only be free for this delusion
of never being responsible for > fully conscious of this
their criminal existences !

these society trained ..... predators !

then he will run just like any other toy
constantly ... without really being fully conscious
having any human dignity or responsibility!

to the cemetery ....

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